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Birdigan is more than a brand of male and female fashion. It´s a way of understanding life. This brand is based on an English style without forgetting the new trends that surprise us every season.

The brand

Male fashion, elegant but informal for people with personality

Birdigan is a both a men’s clothing brand, but above all, it is a way of understanding life and everything we find in it. Image is the reflection of what we are and everything we aspire to be, and that is why our brand wants to convey elegance, style and fun.

With regards to elegance, we have based ourselves on the ‘English’ or ‘British’ style, which gives us that necessary class to always be in the right place; as for the style, we are devoted to new trends and everything that fashion brings us each season, without disregarding the classic foundations mentioned above; finally, we enjoy ourselves, which is what makes us stand out, which leads us to be fresh, attractive and prevents us from falling into monotony.

Thus, with these values we face each season with the challenge of giving our customers the brand they already know and seek; yet trying to surprise them on each occasion with a new experience that avoids falling into monotony.

Our inspirational commitment to sports, such as golf, polo, sailing or horse riding, is embedded in each of our creations, despite not being, obviously, a sport brand.

These are the values of a brand that aspires to become a reference in Spanish fashion.


Men´s Collection, elegance and sophistication in each garment

Know the newness of this season with the last trends in men´s fashion of Birdigan. From classic shirts, sweaters, cardigans or trousers, to blazers without forgetting us to the jackets, our main ally this winter. In Birdigan, we have all you need to aptivate with your style. Whether you’re looking for a casual or formal look, the Birdigan Men’s Collection has something for you. Each season, you be carried along and surprise for the sophistication that give you our desings. Every season, let yourself be carried away and surprised by the sophistication of our designs.

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